Open Architecture

Open to projects which don’t necessarily fall within our primary work groupings. From competitions, commissions and unfiltered acumen, all this work provides a distinct prism to cast a multiple array of explorations.


International UFO Museum and Research Facility

Roswell, NM

Natuzzi USA Headquarters

High Point, NC

Philo T. Farnsworth Museum of Television

Rigby, id


Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

Giza, Greater Cairo, Egypt

Boston University College of General Studies

Boston, MA

2000 L Street

Washington, D.C.



Location Withheld

Grasse Parfumerie
Prototype Store

Columbus, OH

Spa Grasse
Design Development Prototype

Location Withheld


Basketball Hall of Fame
Intl. Competition - 3rd Place

Springfield, MA

World Trade Center

New York, NY