Omni Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA


Omni Philadelphia was an in depth design process for a 300 room luxury brand hotel.

The building site was a corner lot owned by the Penn Mutual Insurance Co. The site had a unique setting directly across from Independence Hall. Upon review, three determinants were made to forward the design. 

First, preserve the side elevation windows of Penn Mutual, a thin double loaded corridor plan was conceived. This, by necessity, added height to the hotel.

Secondly, we determined to fulfill the Neo-Classic composition of the original Penn Mutual complex of buildings. Rather than compete with the much heralded Mitchell/Giurgola modern addition, the new hotel would take on a more Neo-Traditional aesthetic. This gesture would frame the 1970’s addition. 

Lastly, the color of the hotel would stay within the “gray” tonality, to further define the balance of massing. 



Omni Hotels and Resorts / Penn Mutual Life Insurance


Development Study / Hotel through Design Development


300 Room Hotel