Schopfer Associates is an international design consultancy offering full service architecture, interior design, and urban design solutions to a broad range of interconnected disciplines.



The core areas of expertise over 30 years have been rooted in the hospitality, residential, and retail fields. This has not precluded other select areas of involvement.


There are no pre-conceived solutions to any design endeavor. Rather each project takes its clarification from a careful appraisal of program appropriateness, context and client participation.


Adaptive renovation and preservation are key ingredients to many of our projects. Rooted in the need to preserve our heritage is also the need for economic feasibility. Adapting to these challenges have never been more appropriate.


In addition to our own “in house” projects, Schopfer Associates has also found rewarding collaboration with firms throughout the world. These collaborations broaden our reach and add to our expertise a wide range of ventures.


Sustainable design reflecting the reality of today has become a public mandate and aggressively evolves through developing technology and strategic awareness. We continue to actively address these necessary advancements with purpose and optimism.

Note: Some forty years ago, Mr. Schopfer became immersed in the advanced sustainable urban design discipline of Arcology (Architecture and Ecology). That commitment has continued and is now emerging in recent works.


Some projects listed herein are attributed to Mr. Schopfer as a founding principal of Ahearn-Schopfer Associates. All projects reflect his role as Principal in Charge, Principal in Charge of Interior Design, Joint Principal in Charge or any combination.