Open Architecture

International UFO Museum & Research Facility

Roswell, New Mexico


The Museum was founded by the very military personnel who witnessed the now-famous yet still unfolding UFO incident themselves. SA is commissioned to design a new facility to be located several blocks away from the current museum (a former movie house) on a parcel of land purchased by the Museum.

In 1947, in the desert region of Roswell, New Mexico, a strange object crashed, sparking an international debate on the UFO phenomena. That debate continues to this day with Roswell being the epicenter of all UFO discussions and chronologies.

The Museum’s prime mission is to tell the Roswell story and convey a diverse disposition of interlocking historical references culminating in an exhaustive research library.

Once sequential, the new Museum would be distributed in seven distinct groupings. The building itself is highlighted with an abstracted galactic sky chart capable of folding space for distant wormhole travel. This chart or artifact is placed in an open research drawer awaiting review.

Additionally the assemblage is conveyed toward celestial orientations consistent with global star marked ancient structures.



International UFO Museum and Research Center


Architecture / Interiors / Museum


73,000 SF