Sports Fitness

Sports Place

Orlando, fl


Sports Place is a development study for a multi faceted sports destination. The proposed program will feature a diverse immersive sales / entertainment experience with an overall critical mass measured against the Mall of America (Michigan).

Orlando was chosen as the location as it represents both a fixed and thriving population and offers an existing entertainment environment for millions of tourists annually.

Sports Place will feature an open stadium / arena “shell” with three floors and a lower level. An open center court will be defined by perimeter stacked floors. The open center court is designed for flexibility, allowing the venue to adapt and initiate strategic retail / events. 

The stadium shell bases its inspiration from an abstract series of shoulder pads. The client directed the design to be an instant landmark. An indoor ski slope, center court / event, and expansive sports club are the three defining activities.

Several specific sites in Orlando are under consideration. The site closest to the Convention Center, Sea World, and Orlando International Airport is present herein.





Retail / Hospitality / Destination / Complex


Built: 780,000 SF / 72,464 SM,
Site: 34 Acres / 13.7 Hectares